About us

Back in 1998 we started with the simple wish to share the benefits of our passion for investments with you. Then we established our three main pillars which we adhere to every day since.

  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Ethics

18 years later, we are a leading independent financial institution in Bulgaria and our main goal is still intact. We always strive to create the highest value for clients, employees and society. We manage to do that as we continuously adhere to our basic principles.

Every day we grow, we learn and each of us is making a step forward so that we are confident we provide our clients with  a  premium level of care for their investments. Beginning with the end in mind, when it comes to investments, we want to be your primary and most trusted partner on the Balkans.

Sofia International Securities is among the leading financial institutions in Bulgaria. The company is fully licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission to operate as an investment intermediary. The firm is also a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia, the Central Depository and the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries.

Sofia International Securities offers its client trading with shares, bonds, currencies and derivative instruments on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and on the global capital and currency markets.

For more than 18 years on the market more than 25 thousand individual and institutional clients have put their trust in us and we are proud to say that we managed to have justified their confidence. As a leading manager of some of the largest issues on the Bulgarian capital market, we have established as a loyal and sound partner.